Fire destroys shackles and kills prisoners

Fire destroys shackles and kills prisoners

By Daniel Kibbe

17 February 2015

The US is deploying an unknown n코인 카지노umber of troops to Honduras to monitor the progress of a brutal military offensive against armed activists.

US troops are “conducting an exercise in an area near the town of Palma de las Antillas in Honduran territory,” reported the Guardian newspaper Wednesday. “At least one local person was killed by shrapnel from the ammunition fire,” and a number of other civilians “were wounded.”

In a statement on its website Wednesday, the United States Defense Department “expressed concern that the military operation in Honduras had been’misguided’ and could have led to human rights violations and possibly even the use of chemical weapons.”

Honduras’s military assault on the activists began Monday, when Honduras arrested 43 “high-value” members of a골목 militant group, the Agrarian Unity Group (AFG), according to the New York Times, which reported Monday that the activists—as well as a group of local journalists—had been “rendered to Honduran authorities for questioning.”

“We are in a situation of crisis in Honduras, and a civil war has broken out,” President Barack Obama said Monday, condemning the “militarized military operation that has taken place.”

Honduran troops have carried out a large-scale assault against the region’s indigenous indigenous population of indigenous peoples, striking and killing the main source of the resistance, the Yánico Indian Tribe (INET), in the city of Tépilco.

More than a quarter of Honduras’s indigenous population now reside in the state, although more than 80 percent live in urban areas, making them vulnerable to such a campaign.

Honduran officials are currently pursuing a massive wave of arrests, with nearly 2,500 being “remanded in custody,” and many others charged. In one of those cases, a court has jailed a prominent US journalist, Carl Bernstein, for three years on charges of “obstruction of justice.”

The military operation in007카지노 Honduras has provoked massive international condemnation as well as fierce opposition from the United Nations.

Honduras is one of five nations operating a military operation that involves the invasion of the country to establish its control over an indigenous region. The Honduran army has invaded and occupied nearly 3,000 villages, with up to 300,000 indigenous people as the target.

Honduras is one of the main suppliers to the region of some US weapon