Woman dies in burnett hwy crash ‘horrifying’ after passenger says she is ‘proud to be Muslim’

Woman dies in burnett hwy crash ‘horrifying’ after passenger 강남출장마사지says she is ‘proud to be Muslim’


An Australian passenger is being treated for shock after her body was found hanging over an interstate overpass on the Brisbane CBD.

Cyril Lee Salloum was driving on Macquarie Highway in the early hours of Monday and turned right onto a north-facing overpass.

He then veered left onto the interstate, turning left into one of the central Queensland tollbooths before turning right again onto the overpass.

Mr Salloum, who was 35, had just bought a $50,000 car in the middle of the overpass on Monday, travelling back to Brisbane from a tour of his home city of Port Adelaide.

Queensland Civil Protection Service officers found Mr Salloum’s car around midnight near the overpass.

“The car was sitting in front of one of the southbound carriageways with the windows down and the car was on its roof and he was sitting inside of it and it was very cold, really, extremely cold,” police officer Brian O’Dwyer said.

He said Mr Salloum was screaming for help but he was in pain.

“It was pretty horrific. He was in agony, it was just terrible because he was just doing what he did every single day,” he said.

“He was so close to death.”

Mr O’Dwyer said Mr Salloum was taken to hospital and it was believed he died of hypothermia.

His wife and two daughters were not in Australia and Mr Salloum’s sister in Australia was also there, but was out of sight because of an air ambulance and would not be on 카지노her way to hospital.

The NSW Police Association has also issued a statement in regard to Mr Salloum.

“If you are a member of the public, please re포커spect the time difference between Queensland and Australia,” said SOPA Chief Executive Mike Ryan.

“In respect for those who were killed and maimed, the NSW Police and NSW Ambulance Service is aware that CPR was applied to a deceased Australian victim at the scene.”

“The situation in Queensland is currently under the watch of the Queensland Police Ombudsman,” he added.

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